The First Ice Making Solution Designed Specifically for Healthcare Facilities



About us

Safe Ice Health Care introduces a solution to the inadvertent design error of the absence of a dust proof barrier in many of today’s commercial ice machines.  The FDA Food Code mandates that all ice machines with an integrated condenser must contain a dustproof barrier between the condenser and the food zone.  Through the use of a HEPA filtered system, ice machines maintain a dustproof air barrier inside the ice machine, thus correcting the design error.

Safe Ice Health Care has found that the absence of a dust proof barrier may contribute to healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).  Without a dust proof barrier, ice machines inadvertently vacuum contaminated air through the storage bin, depositing microorganisms on the ice and then spreading the infection by ingestion of ice and ice water.  Through providing a viable solution to this problem, Safe Ice Health Care mitigates the spread of HAIs through ice machines.