The First Ice Making Solution Designed Specifically for Healthcare Facilities



Safe Ice Technology

HEPA Filtered Positive Air Pressure:

Most commercial ice machines on today's market either push or pull air through the food zone. The intrusion of airborne contaminants is possible through the absence of a dustproof barrier. Safe Ice technology introduces HEPA filtered air into the food zone, creating a positive pressure system which restricts unfiltered air into the food zone. As long as positive pressure is maintained with HEPA filtered air, the environment in which the ice is made and stored is 99.97% contaminant free. The Safe Ice system constitutes a dustproof air barrier that can eliminate intrusion of airborne contaminants into the food zone.


paphousingRedundant System For Safety Assurance:

The safe ice system has a built in redundancy that also serves as protection when the filters require replacement. FAN 1 draws contaminated air into the housing unit, where it is filtered through HEPA 1 and delivered into the food zone 99.97% free of contaminants. If FAN 1 fails for any reason, FAN2 immediately turns on and begins the same process, assuring continued protection. During filter changes, one filter can be replaced while the other is being used to maintain HEPA filtered positive air pressure.